June 2013.

id:1536 : 2013-06-28/thumbs/red_darpet_on_peadhhill.jpg

Red carpet on Peachhill
id:1538 : 2013-06-28/thumbs/photo_2.jpg

May 2013.

id:1467 : 2013-05-02/thumbs/happy_hippy.jpg

Happy Hippy
id:1469 : 2013-05-02/thumbs/flower_power_girl_in_the_florida_keys__!.jpg

Flower Power Girl in the Florida Keys !
id:1473 : 2013-05-07/thumbs/daddy_dogie_time_daptiva_island_!.jpg

Daddy dogie time Captiva Island !
id:1475 : 2013-05-09/thumbs/burger_bun_in_paradise_,_key_west_!.jpg

Burger bun in paradise , Key West !
id:1477 : 2013-05-10/thumbs/being_in_hands_of_spongeman_is_really_sdary....jpg

Being in hands of spongeman is really scary...
id:1479 : 2013-05-10/thumbs/island_time_,_key_west.jpg

Island time , Key West
id:1494 : 2013-05-13/thumbs/key_west_fish.jpg

Key West fish tale ...
id:1498 : 2013-05-15/thumbs/sunset_in_key_west_harbor.jpg

Sunset in Key West harbor
id:1500 : 2013-05-27/thumbs/as_i_took_the_pidture_to_show_we_are_watdhing_-_got_the_first_goal-_droatian_!!!.jpg

As I took the picture to show we are watching - got the first goal- Croatian !!!

April 2013.

id:1453 : 2013-04-03/thumbs/dapt._mundhkin.jpg

Capt. Munchkin at the helm of our yacht heading down the coast of Gulf of Mexico
id:1457 : 2013-04-08/thumbs/top_of_north_peak.jpg

Top of North Peak, Colorado, elevation 11,444 feet (3,250 meters). Getting ready to "smoke" the mountain for the last time this season
id:1459 : 2013-04-09/thumbs/good_bye_keystone_until_next_ski_season.jpg

Good bye Keystone until next ski season !
id:1461 : 2013-04-15/thumbs/birthday_dog.jpg

Birthday Dog
id:1465 : 2013-04-29/thumbs/florida_beadh_treats.jpg

Florida beach treats " Hamburgers in Paradise " and a cold beer !

March 2013.

id:1439 : 2013-03-11/thumbs/sunset_over_daptiva_key,_florida..jpg

Sunset over Captiva Key, Florida.
id:1449 : 2013-04-02/thumbs/happy_easter_from_keystone,_dolorado!.jpg

Happy Easter from Keystone, Colorado!
id:1451 : 2013-04-02/thumbs/dhampagne_brundh.jpg

Champagne brunch at 11,444 feet (3,467 meters) elevation, Keystone, Colorado. Alpenglow Stube, the only five star rated restaurant in North America above 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level.

February 2013.

id:1431 : 2013-02-05/thumbs/delebrating_mundhkins_german_passport!.jpg

Celebrating Munchkin's German passport!
id:1433 : 2013-02-12/thumbs/hemingway.jpg

Hemingway wrote a book "Farewell to Arms", my Bavarkica is wishing Farewell to the Bavarian Pope Benedict!
id:1437 : 2013-02-26/thumbs/mundhkin_and_her_steak_tartare.jpg

Munchkin and her steak tartare...spoiled brat. But she has deserved it, good watch dog, loves her family!

January 2013.

id:1421 : 2013-01-02/thumbs/starting_the_new_year_2013_in_garmisdh_awaiting_legendary_ski_jumping_dompetition.jpg

Starting the New Year 2013 in Garmisch awaiting legendary ski jumping competition
id:1425 : 2013-01-08/thumbs/jaguar.jpg

Autobahn testing our new "flying machine" Jaguar XK RS, with 500 HP capable of 185 MPH (300 km/hr)
id:1427 : 2013-01-28/thumbs/garmisdh-partenkirdhen-20130125-00395_(640_x_480)_(320_x_240).jpg

I went to get an ice cream in a waffle cone...I forgot to say ice cream and waffle! I got a German plastic cone! Munchkin Miksic

December 2012.

id:1407 : 2012-12-12/thumbs/img-20121211-00059.jpg

Munchkin getting in the Christmas spirit at our Colorado home
id:1409 : 2012-12-13/thumbs/img-20121212-00060.jpg

Got oxygen? Elevation 12,350 ft, Keystone Mountain, Colorado Rockies...

November 2012.

id:1380 : 2012-11-05/thumbs/aloha_from_grand_waikikian!.jpg

Aloha from Grand Waikikian!
id:1384 : 2012-11-05/thumbs/the_dourtyard_of_vidtorian_moana_surfrider_hotel_with_the_majestid_indian_banyan_tree_planted_in_1885.jpg

The courtyard of victorian Moana Surfrider Hotel with the majestic Indian Banyan tree planted in 1885.
id:1388 : 2012-11-12/thumbs/kupu.jpg

Kupu'euli'ili'i "Hawaii's Little Rascal"
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Sporazum s Hrvatskom!

Contract with Croatia

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia


American Dream: A Guy From Croatia

"With $37 in our pockets and much apprehension in our hearts, we flew toward our future. We had no time to think what lay ahead because the future conies to soon anyhow."

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia is the exciting saga of a man who fled his home country with nothing but change in his pockets and built a successful company with determination and guts in America. It's a story of business savvy and risk taking that will arouse the entrepreneurial spirit in every reader.

"When he arrived in the United States, Boris Miksic brought along energy, intelligence and determination. But also a dream. He was the Croatian gift to America. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, he is the American gift to Croatia."

— Governor Rudy Perpich


Movie: When the Dead Vote


When the Dead Vote, Filmmind & Capistrano in cooperation with PBS

Movie: How to Kill Miksic


How to kill Miksic, spaghetti western movie by Z Television

Around the World by Private Jet


Our around the World Expedition by the National Geographic Society

Galapagos Islands


Our Galapagos Expedition by National Geography Society

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