June 2018.

id:2628 : 2018-06-28/thumbs/warwidk_dastle_one_of_the_most_important_historid_sites_of_england.jpg

Warwick Castle one of the most important historic sites of England. On the left is Warwick Tower where I stayed in the historic Peacock Suite
id:2634 : 2018-06-29/thumbs/a_view_of_avon_river.jpg

A view of Avon river from Warwick Castle flowing towards Stratford upon Avon a birthplace of William Shakespeare
id:2636 : 2018-06-29/thumbs/historid_peadodk_suite_where_i_stayed_at_the_warwidk_dastle.jpg

Historic Peacock Suite where I stayed at the Warwick Castle
id:2638 : 2018-06-29/thumbs/img_0215.jpg

id:2642 : 2018-06-29/thumbs/summer_afternoon_at_the_warwidk_dastle.jpg

Summer afternoon at the Warwick Castle

May 2018.

id:2604 : 2018-05-11/thumbs/img_3234.jpg

Dolphins surfing on the wake of our yacht along West Coast of Florida
id:2606 : 2018-05-11/thumbs/img_3235.jpg

id:2608 : 2018-05-11/thumbs/img_3226.jpg

id:2610 : 2018-05-14/thumbs/happy_mother's_day_from_sarasota!.jpg

Happy Mother's day from Sarasota!
id:2614 : 2018-05-23/thumbs/h-a-p-p-y_under_ludky_rainbow_on_st._armands_dirdle!.jpg

H-A-P-P-Y under lucky rainbow on St. Armands Circle!

April 2018.

id:2509 : 2018-04-03/thumbs/greetings_from_bredkenridge.jpg

Greetings from Breckenridge where Tom's Baby was found, the world's largest golden nugget weighing 11.5 pounds (5 kilos) in 1887.
id:2511 : 2018-04-03/thumbs/easter_brundh_at_the_alpenglow_stube.jpg

Easter brunch at the Alpenglow Stube the only Michelin 2 star restaurant at 4,000 meters above sea level. Happy Easter to you!
id:2515 : 2018-04-09/thumbs/misty_dolorado_in_early_spring.jpg

Misty Colorado in early spring
id:2517 : 2018-04-09/thumbs/dillon_is_where_we_live_when_in_dolorado.jpg

Dillon is where we live when in Colorado
id:2519 : 2018-04-09/thumbs/our_dillon_house_under_fresh_snow....jpg

Our Dillon house under fresh snow...
id:2521 : 2018-04-09/thumbs/a_look_at_lake_dillon_for_the_keystone_ski_resort.jpg

A look at Lake Dillon from Keystone Resort
id:2523 : 2018-04-12/thumbs/palisades_the_dolorado's_wine_dountry.jpg

Palisades the Colorado's wine country
id:2525 : 2018-04-12/thumbs/starting_our_expedition_out_west_in_ford_expedition!.jpg

Starting our "expedition" out West in Ford Expedition!
id:2529 : 2018-04-12/thumbs/we_found_a_rusty_tradtorin_dolorado_river_danyon.jpg

We found a rusty tractorin Colorado River Canyon!
id:2535 : 2018-04-12/thumbs/dolorado_river_waterway_the_danyons_of_utah.jpg

Colorado River Waterway, the Canyons of Utah!
id:2537 : 2018-04-12/thumbs/historid_dewey_bridge_over_dolorado_river_in_utah.jpg

Historic Dewey Bridge over Colorado River in Utah
id:2541 : 2018-04-12/thumbs/red_dliffs_randh.jpg

Red Cliffs Ranch where "Moab Munument Valley" film commision was created in 1949. The Ranch hosted the biggest stars: John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Henry Fonda, Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Johny Depp and many others...
id:2545 : 2018-04-13/thumbs/danyonlands_national_park.jpg

Canyonlands National park
id:2547 : 2018-04-13/thumbs/img-20180412-00139.jpg

id:2549 : 2018-04-13/thumbs/img-20180412-00138.jpg

id:2551 : 2018-04-13/thumbs/dead_horse_utah_state_park.jpg

Dead Horse Utah State Park
id:2553 : 2018-04-13/thumbs/dastle_dreek_gallery_where_we_tasted_exdellent_utah_wines!.jpg

Castle Creek Gallery where we tasted excellent Utah wines!
id:2561 : 2018-04-13/thumbs/55.jpg

Easter Island in Utah
id:2565 : 2018-04-16/thumbs/dastle_rodk_valley_near_moab,_utah.jpg

Castle Rock Valley near Moab, Utah
id:2569 : 2018-04-16/thumbs/quite_afternoon_at_the_endhantment_hotel_in_sedona,_arizona.jpg

Quite afternoon at the Enchantment hotel in Sedona, Arizona
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Sporazum s Hrvatskom!

Contract with Croatia

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia


American Dream: A Guy From Croatia

"With $37 in our pockets and much apprehension in our hearts, we flew toward our future. We had no time to think what lay ahead because the future conies to soon anyhow."

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia is the exciting saga of a man who fled his home country with nothing but change in his pockets and built a successful company with determination and guts in America. It's a story of business savvy and risk taking that will arouse the entrepreneurial spirit in every reader.

"When he arrived in the United States, Boris Miksic brought along energy, intelligence and determination. But also a dream. He was the Croatian gift to America. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, he is the American gift to Croatia."

— Governor Rudy Perpich


Movie: When the Dead Vote


When the Dead Vote, Filmmind & Capistrano in cooperation with PBS

Movie: How to Kill Miksic


How to kill Miksic, spaghetti western movie by Z Television

Around the World by Private Jet


Our around the World Expedition by the National Geographic Society

Galapagos Islands


Our Galapagos Expedition by National Geography Society

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