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Week of Festivities in Croatia! Lunch and Gala Dinner with Ines and Boris

Last week our CEO, Boris Miksic and his wife Ines hosted a New Yearā€™s Gala Dinner party in Hotel Westin in Zagreb. They invited their guests to enjoy together a wonderful evening and to celebrate together the start of 2023. Gala dinner was held on 17th floor of famous Zagreb's hotel where are guests could enjoy amazing panorama view of the city. The goal was to gather our teams from CortecĀ® Europe Zagreb office as well as CorteCrosĀ® office, together with our dear business partners and friends. Guests enjoyed lovely evening with Zagrebā€™s delicious cuisine, wine and music. Events like these are very special occasion to chat and catch up as well as enjoy Zagrebā€™s Christmas atmosphere together.

In his speech, Boris thanked our Croatian team for their excellent work and business results. He mentioned how 15 years ago we were at the very beginning and few people believed in our story. Today, Croatia has become of the main strategic points of CortecĀ® Corporation for this part of the world. With three production plants on both sides of the country, we are exporting our products not only all over Europe but the whole world. As Boris said in his speech, Croatian team has come a long way with strong vision and hard work. He thanked all guests that were present among which were our partners from universities. Cortecā€™s collaboration with scientific community has always been important. Especially fun moment was when Boris and Ines were gifted ā€œSestinska nosnjaā€ which is an old authentic national costume from Zagrebā€™s region. The Sestina national costume belongs to the most picturesque Croatian costumes of exceptional value. Thanks to the rich embroidery an vividness of the costume itself, it is known all over the world. Dating from 19th century it is very specific because of its design and hand sewing methods. Original Sestina national costume is very rare and hard to get which makes it even more valuable.

At the event, the singer with the guitar was preforming Croatian songs from all Croatian regions. He was granting song-wishes from Boris and our guests so everyone was singing and ordering songs which are dear to their hart! Few days after in Beli Manastir, another festive lunch with Ines and Boris was held for our EcoCortec team. Boris thanked everyone in Beli plant for their dedication and valuable work. After 17 years of successful business and continuous growth, EcoCortecĀ® expanded one more time this fall. Two new production facilities are now located near the existing plant, polymer processing facility and regranulation facility. For that occasion, Grand opening was held and we welcomed guests from 17 countries, including distributors, business partners, politicians, suppliers and many others.

Boris reminded everyone how important our team spirit is and that it is one of the reasons why EcoCortec is constantly growing. In the end everyone enjoyed nice atmosphere and always delicious Baranjaā€™ specialties. EcoCortecĀ®, from its humble beginnings is on a strong path to become the biggest plant for the production of green anticorrosion films in Europe. With production facility and warehouse in Split, supported with Zagreb sales and marketing offices, Croatia is proudly one of the focus strategical points of CortecĀ® Corporation. Products manufactured in our plants are used worldwide by the largest manufacturers in the automotive industry, as well as other multinational companies. Our teams are full of optimism for the upcoming year, led by Borisā€™s vision of becoming largest green anticorrosion manufacturer in this part of the world!

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CortecĀ® CEO Boris Miksic and Wife Ines Join the Mayo Legacy!

What began as a small home business 45 years ago in Hugo, Minnesota, has now led to the placement of CortecĀ® CEO Boris Miksicā€™s name alongside those of the Mayo brothers and other philanthropists on the Mayo Legacy wall in Rochester, Minnesota.

Boris and his wife, Ines Tendler, recently joined the Mayo Legacy program through planned giving of a multimillion-dollar endowment that will help fund the Mayo Clinicā€™s cutting-edge medical research group. In addition to his respect for the Mayo Clinic as the worldā€™s number one hospital, Boris has a special place in his heart for the Mayo Clinic as a fellow Minnesotamade entity like his own CortecĀ® Corporation, the enterprise that has ultimately made this gift possible. ā€œAs a Minnesota based corporation it is our mission to support clinical research for the benefit of mankind ā€˜made in Minnesota,ā€™ā€ Boris stated.

Boris founded CortecĀ® Corporation in 1977 after immigrating to Minnesota from Croatia. Over the last 45 years, the corrosion control startup has grown into a multinational group with offices in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia and a distribution network in more than 100 countries. Miksic is happy to know that the fruits of his life work will continue to impact future generations beyond his own lifetime thanks to the Mayo Legacy.

Learn more about the Mayo Legacy here:https://plannedgiving.mayoclinic.org/the-mayo-legacy

Learn more about CortecĀ® Corporation here: https://www.cortecvci.com/

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Grand Opening Ceremony of New EcoCortecĀ® Plant!

On October 11th, EcoCortecā€™s new plant opening took place in Beli Manastir, Croatia. This milestone of our plant was even more special as that day our CEO, Boris Miksic, celebrated his birthday. The opening ceremony was followed by numerous festivities that lasted all day and into the night. After 17 years of successful business and continuous growth, EcoCortecĀ® expanded one more time. Two new production facilities are located near the existing plant, polymer processing facility and regranulation facility. We welcomed guests from 17 countries, including distributors, business partners, politicians, suppliers and many others. Members of the media were present to broadcast this grand event. First day, the opening ceremony took place, followed by the tour of our newly purchased plant and big celebration on numerous locations that lasted all day. On October 12th, European Strategy & Information Exchange Colloquium was held.

During the exchange colloquium our guests had the opportunity to hear latest presentations with updates on currents events and projects as well as exchange valuable information and future plans and projections.The morning of the Grand Opening started with speeches and ribbon cutting. Our CEO, Boris Miksic, cut the ribbon, together with the Mayor of Beli Manastir. After few words of EcoCortecā€™s management and numerous guests, Boris made a touching speech where he remembered our humble beginnings and thanked everyone for their cooperation throughout the years. After the ceremony our guests were taken on a tour of EcoCortec complex, including new and old facilities. At Vinohaus, everyone tasted Borisā€™s wine and the crew then went to explore VinoHill, beautiful vineyard where they had the opportunity to gather fresh grapes. Of course after the walk through VinoHill everyone tasted some delicious local food and enjoyed excellent taste of Boris and Ines wines.

After that, we proceeded with main celebration and dinner at the ā€œBaranjski Divaniā€ in the Hotel Patria. Guests enjoyed time together, tasting always amazing Baranjaā€™s culinary specialties, singing and dancing. Special treat was watching fireworks! On day two, guests attended colloquium that included presentations by Boris, Ivana Radic, Dijana Zrinski and Ivan Rogan, with a focus on European logistics and investment in a ā€œgreenā€ economy. Tim Bliss from CortecĀ® Advanced Films (CAF) in Cambridge, MN, who had earlier shared about the ongoing 15-year relationship between EcoCortecĀ® and CAF, talked about VpCIĀ® Film trends in North America. Other highlights were the introduction of the European Technical Service Team, a case history session, a round table discussion, and optional in-depth training on extrusion and converting, as well as an overview of laboratory testing methods.

These inspirational and fun two days will be well remembered in our EcoCortec/Cortec family. They marked all the hard work of our team and great results that we achieved but also pointed direction that we are taking in the future, conquering new markets with our sustainable corrosion protection technology! Thank you all for coming and see you again in Beli!

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Grand Opening of Miksic Vinohaus in Heart of Baranja!

ā€œGive me books, wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not knowā€, wrote John Keats, one of the greatest English romantic poets of all times.

Boris Miksic, CEO of Cortec CorporationĀ® and his wife Ines, wanted to make their passion of growing private estate wines a reality for a long time. They opted for a vineyard in Borisā€™s home country Croatia. There could hardly be a better place for growing delicious wines than green and fertile Baranja region. People have been enjoying the taste of various wine sorts from Baranja region for centuries. In fact, the first vineyards there were planted by Roman emperors. Baranja is famous tourist gastro region with lots of very charming wine cellars. There, you can find the largest wine cellar, largest vineyard, giant barrel, top boutique wineries, and unforgettable sights and aromas. People from all over world come to taste and buy their favorite type of local wine while enjoying Baranja authentic cuisine. In this surrounding Ines and Boris decided to dedicate their time and knowledge to grow some of the finest vines at Miksic Vineyard they purchased few years ago. The vineyard is for growing private estate wines, Chardonnay and Merlot. These wines are in fact one of the most exported wines to the United States. Near the vineyard, the authentic wine cellar - Miksic Vinohaus, is located. Boris and Ines hosted the grand opening of the of Vinohaus recently, accompanied by dear friends and partners, our Croatian Cortec team as well as the Mayor of Beli Manastir and his wife. Guests were given the tour of the old wine cellar, guided wine-tasting as well as tasting of dry-cured meat delicacies and cheeses. Back in September, grapes for these private estate wines were collected at colorful Miksic Vineyard near Boris and Inesā€™s Peach Hill residence.

This event itself was super fun as an occasion to enjoy a joint activity on a beautiful sunny day. The team gathered picking grapes and spending time together. Everyone had so much fun that we decided to make it a yearly tradition. 300 kg of grapes were collected this first year of harvesting. After that a little party was held and well deserved after hard work. We cannot wait to welcome all of our friends during their next visit to Croatia to our Miksic Vineyard. We will enjoy these excellent wines and make more unforgettable memories together.

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Villa Tiha - Opatija

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Villa Azure

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Villa Azure

Villa Azure defies convention and takes you on a journey through the ownersā€™ imaginations. Gracing 230 feet of uninterrupted coastline overlooking Sarasota Bay, Azure presents itself boldly with an eclectic coastal modern aesthetic. Evoking a clean, crisp feel that is warmed by the use of natural materials on the ceilings, soffits and louvres, Azure rests upon a recessed coral-stone stem wall that gives the home a weightless feel.Designed entirely by the owners, this truly bespoke home maintains a constant flow of experiences for the senses. Enter the foyer through double 12-foot backlit onyx cabinets, dine next to a fish tank of glowing glass sea creatures, warm under the sunlight filtering through to the interior planter, become spellbound by the Gucci wallpaper or step outside the master bath directly into the three-level infinity-edge pool. Boldly balanced, the home itself is an incredible collection of furniture and art, much of which was specially commissioned for the home.

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Villa Azure Wins Silver at Aurora Awards

Villa Azure defies convention and takes you on a journey through her ownersā€™ imaginations. Gracing 230 feet of uninterrupted coastline overlooking Sarasota Bay, Azure presents itself boldly with an eclectic coastal modern aesthetic. Evoking a clean, crisp feel that is warmed by the use of natural materials on the ceilings, soffits and louvres, Azure rests upon a recessed coral stone stem wall that gives the home a weightless feel. Designed entirely by the owners, this truly bespoke home maintains a constant flow of experiences for the senses.

Enter the foyer through double 12 foot backlit onyx cabinets, dine next to a fish tank of glowing glass sea creatures, warm under the skylight filtering through to the interior planter, become spellbound by the Gucci wallpaper, or step outside the master bath directly into the three level infinity edge pool. Boldly balanced, the home itself is an incredible collection of furniture and art, much of which was specially commissioned for the home. A dramatic setting of gas lit lanterns along the shoreline directs your gaze from all rooms of the house to the waterā€™s edge through custom 12 foot tall sliding doors.

Aurora 2020 Silver Award Recipient gallery!

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Hopefully, we can get rid of masks in 2021

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American Dream Continues for CortecĀ® Founder Whose Home Wins Aurora Award

Industry and elegance meet in a luxury Sarasota Bay waterfront home that won silver at the 41st Aurora Awards "Celebrating Design for Living." But there is more to the story than just another beautifully designed luxury home. Sitting on the shore of Longboat Key, Florida, Villa Azure is the brainchild of Boris and Ines Miksic, the owners of Cortec Corporation, a private company that focuses on creating solutions to corrosion for the industrial market.

Cortec's solutions get down and dirty to stop rust on auto parts, on oil and gas rigs, in power plants, in metalworking operations, in industrial water systems, and much more. Boris Miksic started the company over 40 years ago in a classic example of the American Dream: immigrate to the United States with $37 dollars in your pocket, start a business out of your home, and grow that business into a multimillion dollar organization with a global reach, meanwhile helping industries around the world protect industrial equipment and properties from corrosion damage. That is the practical side of the story that also has a direct impact on Villa Azure's life expectancy.

The design side comes from Boris Miksic's wife, Ines, who custom-designed Villa Azure inside and out, complete with a three-level infinity edge pool overlooking the 230 feet (70 m) of shoreline on beautiful Sarasota Bay. Perrone Construction, who custom-built the Miksic home, stated, "Villa Azure defies convention and takes you on a journey through her owners' imaginations. . . . Designed entirely by the owners, this truly bespoke home maintains a constant flow of experiences for the senses."

How is this innovative award-winning luxury property protected so near to the water's edge? True to nature as the founder of a corrosion inhibitor manufacturing company, Boris Miksic requested that Cortecā€™s MCI®- 2005 admixture be incorporated into the concrete mix design to help the customary erosion-control seawall last for future generations even in a corrosive subtropical seawater environment. By specifying MCI®-2005 for use in a dense concrete mix, Miksic ended up with a seawall with a life expectancy of over 150 years before repairs.

The admixture was produced locally at the Cortec® Biotechnology Campus in Sarasota, Florida. The proximity of manufacture combined with the fact that MCI®-2005 contains 67% USDA certified biobased content are two important factors that would allow the project to earn credits toward LEED certification, if desired. MCI®-2005 is easy for ready-mixers to work with and meets physical property and corrosion reduction requirements set forth in ASTM C1582 for corrosion inhibiting admixtures used in a chloride environment. It delays time to corrosion and reduces corrosion rates once started. It is also NSF Standard 61 certified for use in potable water structures, another positive characteristic for application in a sensitive subtropical coastal environment.

Villa Azure is a dream home in more ways than one. In addition to capturing the 2020 Silver Aurora Award in the category of "Best Custom Home 4,000 to 6,000 sq. ft.," it is the actualization of Ines Miksic's design vision and Boris Miksic's American Dream of successful enterprise-in a form he hopes to preserve for future generations. Learn more about this exciting custom-designed home, built for elegance and comfort, on the: Perrone Construction website

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Happy Boss's Day

Dijana Zrinski

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Happy Boss's Day

Thanks for all you do!


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Cortec Corporation

Have you ever told yourself that one day you would tell off the boss and start your own company? Boris Miksic is one of the relative few who made that angry promise pay off.

"I had a boss who was a real idiot,"recalls Miksic, founder of White Bear Township-based Cortec Corporation. "I quit in 1977, but I couldn't find another engineering job. There was no one hiring. It seemed as though I didn't have any other option but to start my own company."

That's what Miksic did, and it's worked out well for him. From humble beginnings, Cortec has grown to a 215-employee operation with manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada, and Miksic's native Croatia.

Cortec makes and distributes corrosion control products for a variety of industries including packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, and energy. Its VpCI (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) line has become a signature product, addressing tasks from surface preparation to water treatment.

Miksic moved from his native country in 1974-a result, he says, of being blacklisted from finding work as an engineer due to his participation in anti-Communist rallies. He wound up in Minnesota. After some time in and out of the corporate world, Miksic started at ground zero.

"I began like a typical start-up: in the garage,"he says. "I rented a farm in Hugo and mixed chemicals in the garage."

A decade and a half of slow growth saw Cortec grow to 25 employees. In the early '90s, a benefactor in the form of a former 3M executive joined the company and helped take Cortec to the next level. Art Ahlbrecht guided the establishment of Cortec's quality assurance program, and he applied what he knew about corrosion engineering.

"It was easy to fit into the Cortec culture," says Ahlbrecht. "Boris always followed the 3M style of having the highest-quality product on the market-with the highest price."

Years of steady momentum allowed Miksic to implement what he calls the company's 20-20-20 plan: 20 percent growth, 20 percent new technologies, and 20 percent operating cost reductions-every year.

"We've been able to do that,"says Miksic. "If you get people to buy into these ideas, they really work hard to get there. And if you look at our top-selling products, most of them are less than five years old."

Twenty percent growth might seem like a lofty goal, but there's no denying that it has been happening at Cortec. Company sales have gone from $28 million in 2009 to $34 million last year to projected revenues this year of $42 million. Likewise, the number of employees has grown during that same period from 168 to 215.

Cortec has also recently put a greater focus on sustainable technologies, a move that has earned it new, sometimes surprising clients. The company recently completed a project to help the Minnesota Zoo upgrade its composting program, supplying it with Cortec's proprietary Eco Film, a biodegradable and compostable film designed specifically for compost.

"Cortec provided the Minnesota Zoo with a generous donation of EcoFilm compostable bags," says Tara Harris, director of conservation at the Minnesota Zoo, "and this has really allowed the zoo's new composting program to be successful."

The company's main initiative for 2012 is getting a new facility in Shanghai, China, up to speed to serve its existing network of Chinese distributors. It also recently purchased one of its primary materials suppliers and folded it into Cortec.

"In the past, we've been able to reduce costs through global outsourcing,"says Miksic. "With the new purchasing office in China, we basically have no middlemen. We buy raw materials in India and Europe, and instead of having materials shipped to China for processing, we make the materials there and process them in our own facilities in North America and Croatia."

The new resources will continue to make Cortec what it's been since the beginning: fast on its feet and ready for anything.

"We supply a lot of' just in time' products," says Miksic. "So we like the idea of having a plant that's closer to our clients."

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Boris Was Right - Hawaii Should Be Croatian

What a pity the two countries missed the chance to unite - it would have been like two supermodels marrying each other!

Long ago, in 2005, when Croatia was just a young democracy with no sense of responsible politics, one of the candidates for the president was a successful American businessman with no political experience, full of big promises, boasting, and populist rhetoric. His name was Boris Miksic. Unfortunately, as I said, Croatia was inexperienced and we didn't elect him. However, Boris, a homeboy from Cherryville, Croatia, a self-made millionaire, who went to the US, according to him, with only two dollars in his pocket, like a ship mouse in a Disney cartoon, gave us a lot to think about. Should the government be run like a company? Does electing a political outsider helps fight political corruption? And most importantly, why is Hawaii not part of Croatia?

Those are very important questions and the majority of people would find them universal, but his comment that: If Croatian foreign policy was better, we would now have Hawaii as a part of Croatian territory shocked the country. At first, some of us thought he was having a mental meltdown, while the majority of people just ignored it, their brains blocking something that could not be processed. But the conviction in his voice forced me to follow up his historical critique. That, and also my unquenchable need for global domination. What I found out blew me away like a lehua wind.

There is an American-Croatian myth about last days of independent Hawaii. The first Queen and last monarch of the Kingdom was Lili'uokalani, famous also as the composer of Aloha Oe, the most famous song and a cultural symbol for Hawaii. In 1862, Lili' uokalani married John Owen Dominis, an American-born statesman of Croatian origin who became Prince Consort of the Kingdom of Hawaii on their marriage. Now, Croatian origin is not enough. One has to act in a certain way to be called "Croatian". According to Lili'uokalani's memoir, during a court excursion, Dominis escorted her home, despite falling from his horse and breaking his leg. Also, although they never had any children of their own, John had a natural son, John 'Aimoku Dominis, with Lamiki 'Aimoku, a servant of his wife. Queen Lili'uokalani accepted her husband's infidelity and adopted her husband's son. Croatian? Checked!

So, we have a Hawaiian-Croatian Prince Consort, and an adopted Hawaiian-Croatian prince. So, how come Hawaii never became part of Croatia - besides the fact that the whole planet separates them? You got it-America. Not the continent, but the United States. In 1893, five American nationals, one British national, and one German national, all of whom were living and doing business in Hawaii, overthrew the Queen, her cabinet, and her marshal, and took over the government of Hawaii, which then became a republic until the United States annexed it in 1898.

So let's hear it again from the brain of Boris Miksic: If Croatian foreign policy was better, we would now have Hawaii as a part of Croatian territory. Damn right! If only news had traveled faster back in the 19th century, Croatia would have stormed Maui, given those Yankees a whopping - just after it took down the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and liberated itself first. Now, we can only dream. And dream we shall! We never had an empire, and never moved beyond our semi-peninsula, let alone the continent, so this imperialistic daydreaming is something you can let us have.

If Hawaii were part of Croatia, every time we told a foreigner we were from Croatia, they would ask: What part? The Pacific or the European part?

All Hawaiians, after they finished high school, would go to study in Croatia, and vice versa. Our music is incredibly compatible, imagine ukulele tamburica festivals? Or kolo and hula dance fusion? You think that's ridiculous? Lili'uokalani's Aloha 'Oe, recalled by Charles Wilson, her Marshal, as The Rock Beside the Sea, derives from a Croatian folk song, Sidi Mara Na Kamen Studencu, meaning: Girl on the Rock. Boom! There is even more resemblance, Hawaiians came up with lei, Croats came up with the tie... flower ties anyone? And wouldn't it be great to have a football derby between FC Hajduk and FC Honolulu? We could call our national football team The Fiery ones, train them inside the volcanos, and make that nickname less cringy. And honestly, Hawatia, or Crowaii, would be the most beautiful country in the world; imagine Haleakala and Plitvice together, like two supermodels marrying each other. Can you imagine how our children would look? Like ancient gods!

But, alas, it wasn't so. History was not so kind. On the positive side, Hawaii isn't a victim of Balkan political turmoils, and Croatia finally has intercontinental expansionist goals, something we can look forward to, and so catch up with the rest of developed West. Aloha and bok!

Oliver A l'Olympia 20 Cesarica

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Villa Azura

Our Villa Azura with private marina for 50m yacht has been entered for prestigious Aurora Award for architecture and interior design new project in Florida!

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Sporazum s Hrvatskom!

Contract with Croatia

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia


American Dream: A Guy From Croatia

"With $37 in our pockets and much apprehension in our hearts, we flew toward our future. We had no time to think what lay ahead because the future conies to soon anyhow."

American Dream: A Guy From Croatia is the exciting saga of a man who fled his home country with nothing but change in his pockets and built a successful company with determination and guts in America. It's a story of business savvy and risk taking that will arouse the entrepreneurial spirit in every reader.

"When he arrived in the United States, Boris Miksic brought along energy, intelligence and determination. But also a dream. He was the Croatian gift to America. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, he is the American gift to Croatia."

— Governor Rudy Perpich


Movie: When the Dead Vote


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Movie: How to Kill Miksic


How to kill Miksic, spaghetti western movie by Z Television

Around the World by Private Jet


Our around the World Expedition by the National Geographic Society

Galapagos Islands


Our Galapagos Expedition by National Geography Society

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