Stavros Papagiannis  @ 22/10/2018 09:10:26

Dear Ivana,

It was great to be in Zagreb and attend the Annual sales meeting. It was nice also seeing Boris again, especially on his birthday! I sensed that Boris will continue being mostly active for some more decades!

Meeting also with your associates as well as with the rest of distributors of Europe/Mead East, will be proved useful as we can exchange information, leads and experiences and cooperate, when needed. Both Argiris and myself enjoyed also much the family spirit and the warm atmosphere during the dinner.

We also enjoyed touring in Zagreb, which is very beautiful, very clean and very safe. It is actually a European capital where drivers respect the pedestrians –not frequent in Athens-, with beautiful gardens/parks, with exceptional aura and peace, where citizens enjoy their walks.The weather was great and we walked much. I think that I will be back again!

We have ongoing projects and I trust that we will gradually grow enough, so we will qualify for some award in future.

Many thanks for the presentations sent, which will nice promotional tools.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Best regards

Bob Boyle  @ 16/10/2018 09:10:00
Hi Boris

Thank you for the congratulations and specifically the trust you and Cliff placed in me back in 2001 and again as GS was getting off the ground in 2013. Together we have all built something truly remarkable!

My Cortec journey has truly been a blessing and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Through Cortec I have seen the world, made lifelong friends and learned an incredible amount about industries and business. I have grown to appreciate life in new and exciting ways.

All of us in Cortec Global Services Inc. will continue to work hard to fight the good battle and to put employees and customers first in all that we do -- just as you have done with us when we were under your care.

Blessings into the new year Boris and to our continued mutual success going forward!

Cliff Cracauer  @ 15/10/2018 10:10:28
Dear Boris,

Thank you so much for a wonderful week in Croatia. It was fun to be able to share in the celebration, and be in your hometown for the occasion.

I’m sorry that I didn’t get to say goodbye on the way out of the plant today, and say a formal goodbye.

Looking forward to see you again at the end of the month (after LASM), and thanks again for everything!



Francisco Hidalgo  @ 07/09/2018 08:09:29
Dear Boris,

Thanks a lot for your prompt and positive response!! It´s a privilege to count on you!

Best regards

Shawn Walsh  @ 16/08/2018 08:08:05

Thank you Boris. I feel grateful being a part of your Cortec family!!! Take care.


Julie Holmquist  @ 06/08/2018 08:08:30
Dear Boris, JoAnn, and Jill,

I was the happy winner of a $100 gift card at the CHQ employee appreciation lunch yesterday, and I wanted to say thanks for Cortec’s generosity and teambuilding efforts! I appreciate the many perks of working at Cortec—from birthday lunches and the personal trainer, to Cortec’s swallowing rising health insurance rate hikes the last two years.

Many thanks to all involved in providing these benefits!!!

Ugo Spada  @ 16/07/2018 10:07:19

Dear Boris, Dear Ivana

That beautiful adventure for Croatia in this World Championship, We all cheered for Croatia, you have conquered everyone's heart. Now the whole world will know that there is a small state called Croatia and that its people are made of generous fighters. And your president, Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović was fantastic. I don’t know what politic she is, but We all saw her proud of the Croatian team even when she hugged the French players. She has always smiled at everyone, was a beautiful picture of Croatia.


Best regards

Leonardo Uller  @ 16/07/2018 10:07:40

Dear Boris,

We have not met for a while, although I always see you at NACE annual events.

The reason for my contact is simply to convey to my friend my deepest admiration for the soccer team of your wonderful family country, Croatia.

With the Soccer World Cup in Russia, we had the opportunity to know a little more about Croatia, its beautiful people and historical places, paradisiacal beaches (where my son already did scuba diving). I could not fail to mention the current President Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović who gave an example of how to have authority with simplicity, friendship and enormous sympathy, besides being a beautiful woman, of course.

I congratulate you on the strength shown by the players of Croatia who went to the last minute of the game without being discouraged. Despite having deep ties to France where I lived for a while, I got my doctorate and I had a daughter, I confess to you that I cheered all the time for your team that deserved to be won by the effort and presence in the field.France had already won the world title once but also took advantage of the opportunities with a very young team.

Congratulations to Croatia. I hope to see my friend as President of the country in the near future. Croats do not give up easily.

Greetings from Rio.


Mohamad Nagi  @ 09/07/2018 08:07:20
My Dear Friend Boris,

Hope all’s well with you

I am very happy to see everybody talking about Croatia these days as they keep winning in the world cup

Congratulation to you and all Croatia people on such achievement, I am sure you are proud. Hope they win on Wednesday.

All the Best

Biljan Kermani  @ 18/06/2018 08:06:28

Hi Boris/Behzad

Hope that all is well – read your article in MP Supplement on a replacement for hydrazine – very interesting and well written. Good work and well done.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Best regards

Mark Lizewskie  @ 05/06/2018 03:06:48

Stephie  @ 05/06/2018 02:06:13

Ivana Radic Borsic  @ 05/06/2018 01:06:41
Boris, thank you very much for your kind words!

I am glad you feel I have something to be proud of.

You had much more than something to do with it; I am sincerely grateful for the opportunities you have given me in life, to grow on a professional and person level, see the world...

They determined the life I and my family have.


Chris Taddei  @ 04/06/2018 10:06:34
That's fantastic news, Boris !

It's great to see the climb in revenues and it proves how great Cortec's products are.

Hope you have a nice weekend,

Dario  @ 16/05/2018 12:05:57

Jill Pearson  @ 09/05/2018 09:05:27
Hi Boris,

How time flies! I have been with Cortec for 15 years this month & I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity back in the day. I’ve come a long way from where I started and I wanted to let you know that you’re a big part of that.

Looking forward to many more years with Cortec.

Behzad B Bavarian  @ 12/04/2018 10:04:29
Hi Boris

Thanks, it is very informative paper, good job.

See you next week


Dr. B

Clyde Bloyer  @ 05/04/2018 04:04:40
Hi Boris,

Great PR piece and thanks for forwarding. You and Ines look great in all the pics! It’s a great story of economic expansion in our fair city and partnerships with the City, the local bank and builder and even legal counsel. What a tribute to you and Ines! Thank You again for investing in our Cambridge community and leading the local partnerships that worked so well together on your project!

Gretchen Jacobson  @ 05/04/2018 09:04:04
Hello Boris,

I look forward to seeing you in Phoenix! I will definitely come by. Shannon and I are already working together on the supplement. As usual, you have some great articles.

Congratulations on the number of conferences you've attended. That has to be a record. We'll be celebrating NACE's 75th anniversary this year too.

Best Regards,

Chris Taddei  @ 03/04/2018 09:04:13
Hope you and Ines have a wonderful Easter as well. I really enjoy working with you and your staff and am very happy to hear that business is going well.

Look forward to seeing you again when you're back in town.

Dario Dell'Orto  @ 03/04/2018 09:04:43
Dear Boris,

We all should feel very happy and proud working with you for the success and growth of Cortec that you envisioned and created 41 years ago! And, thank you for the opportunity you gave to all of us

Wishing you and Ines a serene and Happy Easter

Stuart Rennie  @ 27/03/2018 09:03:31

I just received your very generous donation to my fund raising efforts. That is far to kind. I’m actually travelling In Yorkshire, UK on Corrologic business, so an extra special effort will be made to get the business at the Interterminals tank terminal.

Once again, thanks Boris.

Kind regards.

Tihana Vidovic  @ 22/03/2018 08:03:11
Dear Mr. Boris,

I am overwhelmed and in positive shock. This is the most wonderful gift for Easter. I am very happy that you appreciate my work. Your recognition means a lot to me. It is not only the reward, but the challenge to do my best and be better as I believe we learn as long as we live.

Thank You a Lot!

You Made My Day!

All the best to you and Mrs.Ines!

Kind regards,

Matheus Rocha da Silva  @ 16/03/2018 09:03:54

Hello dears Dario, Jessi and Boris.

Speaking in name of our team in Brazil i want to thank you very much for the visit, we have been received with such kindness that i don't have enough words to explain our gratitude. We had an excelent time in Minnesota, we really appreciate everything you did for us.

Our guest, Eng. Douglas, was very pleased with the visit and we belive this will be key to us here.

Also, i'd like to say that the technical and commercial training was fantastic and it will help us develop our market here in Brazil.

Best regards,

Naines Kristie  @ 21/02/2018 08:02:48

Dear Mr. Miksic,

Words cannot begin to express how deeply grateful Mayo is for your generosity. This gift will transform Mayo Clinic. We are so humbled by your generosity.


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American Dream: A Guy From Croatia

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"When he arrived in the United States, Boris Miksic brought along energy, intelligence and determination. But also a dream. He was the Croatian gift to America. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, he is the American gift to Croatia."

— Governor Rudy Perpich

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