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  MCI Technology Preserving War - Destructed Monument and Symbol of Croatian Independence! SMT Magazine 24/03/2017
  MCI Technology Preserving War - Destructed Monument and Symbol of Croatian Independence! Informed Infrastructure 17/02/2017
  Iconic tower in Croatia's Vukovar to be restored as war memorial Ebl News 16/01/2017
  MCI technology preserving war – destructed monument and symbol of Croatian independence! The Governance 16/01/2017
  Symbol of Croatian independence being preserved Military Trader 12/01/2017
  Croatian independence monument restored Engineering Specifier 04/01/2017
  Cortec acquires CortecCros Energy Global 28/06/2016
  Cortec- World's Fastest Growing Manufacturer of Corrosion inhibitors! AZO Materials 26/06/2016
  Cortec® Corporation Acquires 100% of CorteCros Oil and Gas 21/06/2016
  CortecCros Moves from Oil Giant INA to Full Ownership of Cortec® Corporation Packaging Europe 17/06/2016
  Global Ambitions Twin Cities Business Magazine 04/01/2012
  North Oaks' Miksic in last month of Croatian presidential campaign Shoreview Press 18/12/2009
  North Oaks' Miksic in last month of Croatian presidential campaign www.presspubs.com 08/12/2009
  BORIS MIKSIC: "I am The Right Man for the Job of Croatia's President" Croatian Chronicle 21/11/2009
  North Oaks immigrant takes aim at Croatian presidency Presspubs.com 28/10/2009
  Croatian Obama In Love In Countryside Gloria 26/08/2009
  Year After Blast, Cortec Poised for Expansion Spooner Advocate 26/03/2009
  Cortec Corp. leader considering run at Croatian presidency Shoreview Press 14/01/2009
  What's it like to do business in India? Minnesota Public Radio 19/10/2007
  Boris Miksic's Double Life Twin Cities Business 07/06/2007
  Combating Corrosion Worldwide Twin Cities Business 08/12/2006
  President Mesic Sues Boris Miksic Croatian Chronicle 05/12/2006
  Spooner, Beli Manastir - sister cities? Spooner Advocate 14/09/2006
  Spooner businessman and rodeo fan is subject of movie, prospective head of state Spooner Advocate 06/07/2006
  International business owner will discuss global marketing Spooner Advocate 12/04/2006
  Entrepreneurial side of Boris Miksic Stella Hlad, Toronto 20/02/2006
  Croatian president wins suit against Minnesotan Star Tribune 10/02/2006
  A Letter to Condoleezza Rice The Croatian American 09/01/2006
  Croatian presidential contender fights on Pioneer Press 29/12/2005
  Croatian troupe plans performances Pioneer Press 07/10/2005
  •  Cortec's Croatian Cowboy lives the American dream  Spooner Advocate  August 26, 2003
  • Spooner Company Reaches out to World & Beyond Spooner Advocate August 26, 2003
  • Chemical Week Magazines' feature story on Cortec as "This Year's Crop of Hot Prospects." Chemical Week December 2002
  • Rust Buster, Cortec Fights Corrosion and Wins Minnesota Technology Magazine March-April 2001
  • Work, Fate Help Chemical Firm Shine Minneapolis Star Tribune December 10, 2000
  • Ernst & Young LLP, Master Entrepreneur of the Year® Twin Cities Business Magazine August 2000
  • The Boris Miksic Saga Minnesota Business Journal March 1999

    American Dream: A Guy From Croatia


    American Dream: A Guy From Croatia

    "With $37 in our pockets and much apprehension in our hearts, we flew toward our future. We had no time to think what lay ahead because the future conies to soon anyhow."

    American Dream: A Guy From Croatia is the exciting saga of a man who fled his home country with nothing but change in his pockets and built a successful company with determination and guts in America. It's a story of business savvy and risk taking that will arouse the entrepreneurial spirit in every reader.

    "When he arrived in the United States, Boris Miksic brought along energy, intelligence and determination. But also a dream. He was the Croatian gift to America. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, he is the American gift to Croatia."

    — Governor Rudy Perpich


    Movie: When the Dead Vote


    When the Dead Vote, Filmmind & Capistrano in cooperation with PBS

    Movie: How to Kill Miksic


    How to kill Miksic, spaghetti western movie by Z Television

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    Our around the World Expedition by the National Geographic Society

    Galapagos Islands


    Our Galapagos Expedition by National Geography Society

    Plaćeno vlastitim sredstvima Borisa Mikšića