Entrepreneurial side of Boris Miksic


Stella Hlad, Toronto



Entrepreneurial side of Boris Miksic

A seasoned, successful entrepreneur of three decades, Boris Miksic was first met and recognized by Croats as a presidential contender in the Republic of Croatia in 2005. His stellar political rise when Croats predominantly voted for Miksic jeopardized the existing politicians’ status and we were all witnesses to the outcome of this venture: manipulation of the current political establishment who robbed Miksic of his well deserved presidency.

However, Miksic has not given up neither his political nor entrepreneurial activities. Nowadays, except for having been a city councilor in Zagreb, Croatia, Miksic is in his full gear of the new entrepreneurial judo strategy: market focused and market driven introducing biodegradable packaging materials to European population. As we know, the Cortec Corporation for biodegradable foils and ecologically justified packaging materials, among other valued anticorrosive products, owned by Miksic in Minnesota is opening a new plant in Croatia. This plant has just been sought of at the right time when Croatian government has brought new regulation on packaging waste and erected at the right place as all of the Miksic’s undertakings are.

At the time waste has become a major European problem, Miksic will again multi dimensionally contribute in his delivery to the customer, Croatian and European population and to the cleaner environment, too. His biodegradable products, something completely new on the European market, entirely different from the existing practices will make a difference in healthier, cleaner environment throughout Europe. Consequently, Miksic is not only establishing a new industry but a new market as well. The process itself is in pollution prevention which is by use of ecologically justified packaging materials avoiding or minimizing the creation of pollutants and waste so reducing the overall risk to human health and the environment. To summarize, when the majority of European and Croatian legislation have brought about regulation on waste management and recommendation for better, biodegradable packaging usage, Miksic is the first to introduce his ecologically justified product to the European market. Ecologically favorable packaging or packaging materials directives followed by the implementation of Miksic’s biodegradable packaging will revolutionize the waste management throughout the “Old Continent”.

Boris Miksic is traveling to China later this month to establish a business there. Thanks to Miksic, Cortec Corporation motto to “protect and serve” has justified itself almost all around the globe by now.  Miksic’s genuine love, care, concern not only for Croats but all the mankind is making him succeed in his noble mission to help supporting a cleaner, better world.

Stella Hlad
January 18, 2006