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It is amazing to me to hear about what is going on in Croatia . It is saddening, or worse yet maddening that a country of what seems to be a fairly sophisticated people can allow, encourage, create or believe so many lies about so many things.

What is the truth there? The people who encourage or we should say force the media to write such unbelievable “truth” have not only come to believe their own lies, but have brainwashed media and the masses to believe the fairytale nightmares that have been created.

For fear of losing their jobs or maybe lives, or to gain jobs for family members or special favors, or maybe for a little extra money, the media allows itself to be corrupted. Is this journalism or creative writing or creative lying? Well yes, this is the way it is and has been, so does that mean this is the way it must stay? Maybe I am living in a dream world, but there can be different sides to every story.

Boris Miksic is a guy with just enough courage and ego to have come back to Croatia and for what? To try to accomplish something that he quite innocently thought he could do. Honestly, here is a guy that was naïve enough to think that good could over come the evil empire. Not claiming the purest of pasts, just not considering that it would be a great factor considering the people he would stand against, since their pasts were notoriously corrupt and self serving and even criminal. He appears as an angel in comparison.

There are many who could speak to worst of Boris and the best of Boris and everything in between. There have been good times, there have been questionable times and not so good times, but never anything so bad as the filth that litters the media in Croatia on Boris' integrity and what he has ever done wrong. Who but a young child or person can claim a totally pure and innocent past devoid of mistakes and failures? Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary are the only two people that I know.

For all of this, I feel sorry first for the people, the masses that could have truly benefited from Boris attaining political office. Yes, he could have been a very good leader and helped the country and judging from whom he has tried to replace, even if he did nothing but sit in a chair, the country would be richer because he would not steal…could not steal even a typewriter. Losing an election fairly is one thing, but to have to go through the slaughter of defamation of character is completely another.

Second of all, it is sad that there isn't any real freedom of press. If I were a political journalist, I would choke, drowning to really be able to tell a story that would be true.

I have met many journalists in the last few years and I can say that for the most part, I have seen an eager and bright representation of journalism that I believe really wants to be honest in their writing and would if they could. I have also met a couple that I knew even when looking at them or speaking to them, that trouble was on its way.

Last but not least, being the naïve person that I can be, I keep thinking that this government can turn around. That this corrupt group of people or person that commands could want to change things for the good of Croatia and that maybe they would even say “I have stolen enough”. That they, he or she have stolen enough money, hope, life, food and on and on. I keep thinking that this good and courageous people called Hrvati could quietly just not allow this to happen anymore. It seems that Croatia just can't change anything, and again for this I am saddened to the depths of my heart and soul and I grieve for Croatia for this. It does not have to be this way. Please, please do not let this happen to you. Boris or not, you must keep trying to make a change. You can do it alone, if you have to, one at a time or together. God Bless Croatia .

Anna M. Vignetti

objavljeno: 10/06/2005 09:17:45   




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