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Two major political issues in Croatia before next elections in the beginning of 2005: Crisis of confidence and population's fear from the highly uncertain future

Toronto , November 22, 2004

CROATIAN REALITY – Two major political issues in Croatia before next elections in the beginning of 2005: Crisis of confidence and population's fear from the highly uncertain future

Since Croatia has declared its independence in 1991, instead of starting to blossom by bringing the country to prosperity, leaders and politicians have up to now managed to put the country to even greater misery. Croatia has been heavily burdened by the social issues only some of which are unemployment, impoverishment of population what used to be a standard citizen, vanishing of the middle class, idle economy, sell out of the land to foreigners and sell out of institutions and firms to foreign owners, corruption, dealerships and more.

This beautiful homeland of ours situated in South East Europe with only 4,4 million inhabitants and area of 56,414 km2 has at least three climate types: Mediterranean , Continental and mountain. The diverse terrain containing rocky coastlines, densely wooded mountains, plains, lakes and hills in an area similar in size to North Carolina has all natural predisposing to become an oasis of the world.

There are a few candidates running for the president of the Republic of Croatia . They all have programs, issues and make powerful ad promising speeches. However, the only credible candidate who has been traveling extensively throughout Croatia meeting people, who feels Croats' pain and who wants to share Croats' dreams projecting his confidence into Croatia demonstrating love, concern for Croatia, Croatia's movement in every segment of human activity is Boris Miksic. Boris Miksic, a born Croat and an exceptionally successful businessman, inventor, innovator, scientist and politician wants to bestow Croatia all his capabilities, talents and skills in guiding and leading Croatia into a successful and happy place, primarily for Croats.

Boris Miksic, who also is a writer, is narrowly focusing on assisting Croatia to become a better place. His vision is a healthy and prosperous country and he is the only candidate with integrity, honor, uprightness, openness towards life and Croats.

On his tours he is talking to people from every segment of Croatian society – private citizens, business and labor, preachers and teachers, politicians and all who are interested to hear his voice. And then, he listens to Croatian people back answering all their questions. And while erosion of confidence is threatening to destroy that little what is left of Croatia , Boris Miksic brings this lost confidence back trying to regain people's trust so creating hope for all Croats to live in a better and healthier homeland. The problems of Croatia are very deep and it takes valor and bravery to take challenge and win there. Boris Miksic talks to people about the common goals and common good.

Unlike existing politicians who are incapable to act, Boris Miksic brings the good news. Boris Miksic is an action himself. He is not bringing false hopes like the rest of politicians. Boris Miksic is balanced with a fair approach demanding sacrifice. Instead of enjoying what he has earned up to now, he has chosen to sacrifice for Croatia and is asking us to do the same. With collective sacrifice, hard work from every one of us who will be a link in a chain for better Croatia , we will make it happen. We can not afford to pass this chance. The time is running out and if we do not collectively support the only right solution for Croatia , we may not bear our name in the near future. Would we be able to demonstrate maturity, stability and desire to have our own country to our standards? This depends on all of us and on recognition of our only true leader: BORIS MIKSIC.

Stella Hlad

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Toronto , Canada

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